Social Inclusion is a complex multidimensional concept hard to be tackled simply using problem solving skills and cause-effects design patterns. The design of inclusive and enabling artefacts (i.e.: products, services, systems of products, etc.) requires new creative processes able to interpret the complexity of Social Inclusion as well as to suggest designers original design strategies to link human needs and societal instances.


Can designers and stakeholders generate meaningful strategies and visions for the future inclusive society that overcome the idea of ‘design for disabled people’?

Is it possible to generate creative and innovative meta-design insights for future inclusive projects?


This is both a website and a virtual learning space containing the ‘Inclusive Signs’, a card-based toolkit to generate creative and inclusive (meta-)design concepts, insights, and strategies.

Inclusive Signs is an open access project and an original inclusive design toolkit made by Dr. Emilio Rossi at the Lincoln School of Design, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. Further information can be requested through the CONTACT section.


The Inclusive Signs toolkit is composed by a set of 180 cards and a worksheet. It can be used to run creative brainstorming, workshops, discussions, as well as to find inspirational trajectories and meaningful values. Inclusive Signs employs semiotic patterns to produce meaningful inclusive meta-design concepts – inclusive signs precisely. The creation of such inclusive signs is operated through instinctive combination of descriptive and visual concepts. Therefore, both designers, stakeholders, and design students can imagine future inclusive scenarios and new generation of enabling solutions.

Learn how to use the Inclusive Signs toolkit and how to generate inclusive meta-design concepts by exploring the different sections of the website. It provides useful information and practical instructions. The LEARN section allows to understand how to generate the inclusive signs. The Inclusive Signs toolkit can be used online by designers, students, and stakeholders via the USE THE TOOLKIT ONLINE section. All materials, including the handbook, the 180 cards, and the worksheet, are available in different languages in the DOWNLOAD section. Finally, the IMPACT & REPORTS section contains a selection of papers and case studies proving the impact of the toolkit .

This project and all materials contained in this website are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Please see the DISCLAIMER section to know more.